We have a working knowledge of the various Acts that govern the Not for Profit sector and can assist clients in the following areas:

  • Compliance annual audit
  • Advise on budgeting and cash flow management
  • Assistance with the management of GST and FBT
  • Accounting software and bookkeeping support
  • Initial applications to the ACNC for taxation exemptions
  • Application to the ATO to be Deductible Gift recipient

Am I getting the best price for the sale of my business? Is the asking price too much? An independent valuation provides you with answers to the questions you often need to ask about the value of a business or property.

We are trained and experienced in business valuations and can provide you with simple guidelines and formulae to determine the value of your business or property. We can also appear in court or for arbitration as expert witnesses in relation to business valuations.

Choose Acclaim Accounting for a professional, accurate valuation service!

Forensic accounting is the use of accounting techniques to assess the financial implications of legal disputes. In a dispute over money it is imperative to obtain accurate, timely advice.

At Acclaim Accounting we offer assistance in legal disputes to swiftly make those headaches over money disappear. Often with our intervention the dispute can be settled without a court case. However, in the event that a court case is required, we can provide the information and documentation required for your case, and act as an expert witness in court.

All our specialists possess a sound understanding of legal concepts and procedures and have years of relevant experience. They are ready and able to guide you through the treacherous territory of the legal industry!

Corporate finance is the area of finance dealing with the sources of funding available to a business. The actions clients take to increase the value of the business and the tools used to allocate financial resources.   Some of the areas we can assist clients are:

  • Capital budgeting decisions
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Assistance with drafting tenders
  • Calculating working capital requirements
  • Determining the level of sustainable growth
  • Determining future funding requirements
  • Preparation of funding proposals

Financial modelling is the construction of models that illustrate the effect specific variables can have on business performance. Modelling can be used in the following situations:

  • Discounted cash flow calculations to determine a rate of return on a capital outlay
  • What if analysis
  • Setting business performance benchmarks
  • Working out the weighted average cost of available capital
  • Determining the financial viability of projects

UK Pensions can still be Transferred to Australia however it is now restricted to those aged 55 and Over.  You can no longer move to Australia if under aged 55!  Recent changes also mean that you incur 25% Tax penalties if you move it to another Country you do not reside in.

From our experience, Trust and Peace of Mind is the number one consideration in choosing a Company to look after your Transfer.

Our Firm has considerable experience in undertaking overseas pension transfers and unlike other Firms, we actually deal with more than One Country! Therefore, we have considerable Technical Knowledge and Experience in a wide range of Overseas Funds to ensure a safe and secure transfer for you.

Unlike other Firms, Acclaim Accounting is a Full Financial Services Firm meeting all the legal requirements to provide advice and undertake Transfers. Security and Peace of mind come from knowing that we meet all the government regulations and hold all the appropriate liability insurances to further protect you.

For more information on recent changes, options in Australia and the benefits read our full article here.

As a new evolving sector our team is leading the way in becoming specialists in the Cryptocurrency field.

Exciting News! Muntz Partners is Rebranding to Acclaim Accounting

We are thrilled to announce that Muntz Partners will soon be known as Acclaim Accounting.

This change reflects our commitment to providing you with even better services and experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey together!

Note: The change will take effect on May 15th 2024.